Farm To Fork Services

Farm to Fork offers wide range of services including Standards and Certification, Capacity building,

Research, Consultancy and Survey.

Standards and trainings

Gap-analyses, implementation and compliance, Inspection, Certified.

Capacity Building

Training and Mentoring.


Value Addition to business.


Farm Management.

Capacity Building

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Formal Training

Farm to Fork has trained hundreds of high level staff including CEOs, Senior, middle and Junior management, supervision and even up to shop floor. Although our target is mainly company staff and farmers, we have been involved in training independent service providers that are interested in providing services to farmers. These include sprayers, trainers, general farm operations etc.

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Field Training

Above classroom training, Farm to Fork is more focused on field practical trainings. Apart from incorporating it into formal trainings, we are involved Field Training Workshops developed by the Pesticide Initiative Programme(PIP) COLEACP.

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Training of Trainers

Using internationally recognized Field Training workshop (FTW) methods, Farm to Fork trains Company staff, Government Agronomist and other managers/supervisers of farmers on methods and techniques on how to pass information and knowledge to farmers in very simplified training methods. These may include photos, illustrations, Videos, games, puzzles etc on pest identification and management, safe use of pesticides, Hygiene, Traceability, record keeping etc.

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Hen to chick coaching/ Mentoring

Above all the formal training that our experts are involved in we ‘walk the talk’ with our farmers or target companies and organizations. We will work out an monthly, quarterly, even annual plans on visits, reviews, meetings and general correspondence to ensure that our client achieves what they intend to with the training program. This could be certification for most of the time, but also includes Production to capacity, strategic management and profitability.



One of the major challenges small and medium scale farmers have is access to information on proper production and processing methods. Our team having all the expertise and knowledge needed from years of Farm, Factory and Pack house management practices work together to put up Planting programs, Establish production predictions, Spray and Fertilizer programs, management plans, Required Human resource Structures tailored to the clients needs.

Group Dynamics

The reasons many farmer groups, cooperatives and associations and fail is due to lack of internal control Systems and Quality management. So we help organize the farmers using proven methods of group dynamics to organize farmers not only to produce effectively and efficiently but also to market and to get to points of having their small farms operate as profitable businesses. This is incorporated with the other training methods indicated above.

Basic Acconting and Book-keeping

Any business that does not know the art of keeping records and specific tracking of their procedures and production records is likely to fall within no time. Unfortunately farmers in the 3rd world country practice farming for subsistence, meaning they have no documented records whatsoever. We train these farmers using actual training and daily technical support to teach them to operate basic business records and analyses in order to manage their farms effectively and make profits.

Research and Survey

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Scientific Research Work

Based on client requirements, Farm to Fork undertakes studies on various research problems that the client desires data. We will use quantative or qualitive methods on based on nature of data being collectesd

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Market Surveys

We are involved in undertaking market surveys both Locally, regionally and internationally.

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Information Analyses

There are instances that an organization has already survey work, and on this instance we are involved in analyzing the data and making relevant recommendations based on our experience and expertise

Information Sharing

Use of media for industry capacity building

Extensive training, communication and extension programs, public awareness about sustainable development principles can be used for capacity-building by use of available media.

Monthly Magazine

Although initially an online magazine, farm to Fork is working to set up a monthly magazine that will be able to give insights on new, views and on goings of the industry both locally an internationally

Social Networking and Media work

We have a heavy presence in the social media and though mostly the target is the elite, we have agronomists and managers being part of our social network and we do share a lot of current knowledge and Technology. See our social network contacts in the last page

SMS Services

We are working with a farm Software that will enable us to share information on various aspects through the farm to everyone that subscribes to our network! This process will be complete when the funds to complete the information systems are acquired

Organic Food

Farm to Fork

Farm to Fork is a top agriculture industry service provider in Africa and beyond. Our main target is the farmer, especially the small scale ones. Our scope though goes beyond the farm to the rest of the food supply chain. We therefore have reached out to other levels of value addition including: Processing, packaging, warehousing, transport, Hotels, exports, and imports.


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